Types of Phone Cases

Phone cases are pretty much required in the world today. We all have smartphones that are 90% touchscreen or more. These phones are generally extremely fragile and one drop could shatter a good portion of your screen, which costs a ton of money to fix. There are many types of phone cases, but finding good, cheap mobile phone cases is the way to help prevent you from damaging your phone. These phone cases are highly recommended and having one is crucial.



Cheap Mobile Phone Cases, Are They A Better Option?

That being said, looking for cheap phone cases has never been a better idea. I have an LG G6 and 3 weeks after purchasing it, I have already cracked the camera through my case somehow. Imagine what would have happened if I did not have the case!

  1. Do not go cheap when looking for a good case. You have many options, and cutting corners will definitely hurt you in the long run. Just buy a case and then think, this purchase of maybe 60 to $100 will keep my phone safer than if I had no case at all. The cheap path will not look so good when you have to replace two screens for $200 when you could have just dropped $100 at most. Now you are spending double and anybody knows, that is a losing investment.



Types of Phone Cases

  • Plastic – is one of the most commonly used types of phone cases. They are cheap, durable and more customization than other options. The downfall to plastic is that it is cheap, therefore you can only get away with minor drops. There are two types of plastic cases.
    1. Polyurethane – Can be hard or soft form. Molding this phone is relatively easy so you can have several different designs for this case. Used for short drops.Types of Phone Cases

        •    Cheap
        •    More customization features
        •    Easier to grip and use
        •    Offers good protection for short drops

      • DISADVANTAGES•    Looks flimsy and cheap
        •    Not very durable
        •    Rigid and likely to crack from a long fall
    2. Poly-carbonate  – A lot tougher than polyurethane and provides more protection. This type of plastic is way more durable and is used in creating bulletproof glass. Used for long drops.

        •    Very durable
        •    Light-weight
        •    Can be customized to a lesser extent
        •    This case is good for long drops
        •    Resistance to chipping, cracking and scratches

      • DISADVANTAGES•    Can be sun-bleached
        •    A bit bulky
        •    Hard, slippery style
        •    Can get greasy and dirty fairly easily



  • Carbon Fibre – This is your more expensive type of case because it is extremely durable. Used for medium drops.

      •    Really beautiful to look at
      •    Strong and light since it is almost a ballistic material
      •    Great for medium drops
      •    Extremely Durable

    • DISADVANTAGES•    Limited patterns and colors
      •    Very expensive

This is a carbon fiber case and personally, my favorite.


This covers some of the most common types of cases. There are other types, but mostly you will see plastic or carbon. Generally, you will want to keep an eye out for what type of material a case has and what type of durability it provides. Always going with cheap mobile phone cases may catch up to you in the end.



Which One is Best for Me?

I know I have dropped my phone quite a bit. The biggest problem I have is probably short to medium drops. I do not think I have ever had what I consider a long drop(20 feet). I prefer the Carbon Fibre case. Yes it may be more costly and have fewer patterns, but my phone cost a few hundred dollars, and I want to make this phone last for a while. Go ahead and drop the big bucks to help you in the long term.

Plastic seems like a better option for people that are not butterfingers unlike me. I really like customizing everything, so that is a mentioned downfall of Carbon.



Case and Point

Protecting your phone is just as important as backing up your data. You always want to be thinking about the future and not just the present. Yeah, you will save a few dollars, but is it really worth it to replace your phone screen to save a few bucks on cheap mobile phone cases? Think back to how far your drops are and what did the most damage for you. Then buy based off of that. Thank you for reading and feel free to comment below! I would love to hear your thoughts on phone cases.


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