Organize Desktop Folders, Have a Less Cluttered Desktop!

Hey guys! I have a great article here for you today that a member requested I do in one of my previous posts. Have a cluttered desktop that you would like to clean up? The trick is organization. This post will be fairly short and to the point as once you get the principle, you can run with it. I always try to organize desktop folders and store them in easily accessible locations. I hope this helps and you can gain something from this.

Create a Flow List to Help Organize Desktop Folders

Let’s say I am downloading a pdf I need to view for my financial records. All your downloads from the internet default to C:\Users\YourProfileName\Downloads. I do not like saving things into this folder, as it becomes cluttered and hard to read.

I recommend saving everything to your desktop and then organizing from there. Most people’s files make it to the desktop and stop there. I have 1 icon on my entire desktop unless actively working on something. This helps eliminate clutter and I can access files seamlessly. I always try to organize my desktop folders as soon as the opportunity is presented.


Now Implement Your Flowlist

Everything great comes with time. I am sure when Amazon first started, they did not have near as many options and categories. That is because as time goes on, you improve. I hear a lot of people complain that they do not know where to begin and say they will do this and that next week. That is the wrong mentality.

Start organizing immediately. Create a folder on your desktop, that then has subfolders. Here you see my folder structure and how everything has a place. This allows for me to access data in seconds and I do not have to dig.


Creating a Folder Structure Example

Let’s create a mock folder on your desktop.

  1. Right-click your desktop screen and select New and then Folder.
  2. Name this folder Vehicles I own.
  3. Open that folder and inside of it, create 2 new folders.
  4. Name these folders: Cars and Trucks.
  5. Now open Cars and create 2 more folders called Sports Cars and Sedan.


Now, do you see where I am going with this? By subtyping my data continually. I eventually hit specifics. This allows me to know exactly where my data is and I do not have to search. Clean your desktop up by creating folders for everything, kind of like creating a tree. You have to start general and get more specific with each type. By drilling down, you become extremely organized.

Microsoft OneDrive

I am just going to briefly touch on this. If you have an account with Microsoft, you can set up OneDrive on your local computer. This allows you to store files in a folder as if they were on your desktop except they go up into the “Cloud“. This basically means you can log into another computer and access your OneDrive to pull from that Cloud. This is super useful for people who have multiple locations they work from. I will create an article on this in the future.

Cleaning Up Your Desktop

By creating a flow list and sticking to it, you become extremely organized. However, you may have a lot of junk files sitting around so you would definitely want to check out how to properly clean your computer. Remember to start with a general folder that dives deeper and deeper. This will help you know where to access files quickly. Use your desktop as a proxy to start the trickle down the process of organizing and work from there. If you do not start this process now, you likely will continue to put it off, so I recommend getting started today! Hope this helps and leave any questions you may have below and I would love to assist!




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