NZXT Phantom 410 Review

NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower Computer Case






Hard drive Mounts


USB Ports


Cable Management



  • Price
  • Space
  • 9 Hard drive slots
  • Water cooling option
  • 2 free fans


  • Air filter cleaning
  • Hard drive Mount Position
  • Only blue LED
  • Fans can be noisy
  • Difficult to use USBs

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to shoot through the NZXT Phantom Case Review with you and hopefully show you an awesome case. I have read a lot of reviews on this tower and well…they are long and boring, but this NZXT Phantom 410 Review will be straight to the point because who doesn’t want to begin building a computer? I almost gouged my eyeballs out but then remembered I needed them to write this, but afterward?

Just kidding! See this isn’t a…here we have the 1200mm doohickey that connects to the 215mm thing…kind of a post. No. No. I like simple and to the point, because I am simple, let’s have some fun.

The Best-Case Scenario

So, the best-case scenario here is you buying the NZXT case, right? Possibly, depending upon a few negatives that could make you go on to the next post and save you some time. Let’s chunk out a few negatives

  1. Blue LED by default. If you’re Gargamel, don’t buy this.
  2. The case can be a little loud sometimes with the fans.
  3. USB ports are on top of the case, but you can’t lay anything down like an external hard drive due to the top being slanted.
  4. The shape of the case is unique, as in I am pretty sure this is a transformer.
  5. Does get dusty.

There you have it. If you don’t like any of these qualities, well this case is not for you and you probably prefer one of the perfect, ugly, square towers. Ew.NZXT Phantom 410 Review

NZXT Phantom Case Review – The Important qualities

Okay so we have gone through some negatives and we can now continue for the people that have exquisite taste in cases. Let’s check out a few positives:

  1. This case is blue. Like looks like the cops pulled your computer over for going too fast.
  2. The material is an amazing metal.
  3. The paint and design are extremely unique. – I swear it’s a transformer.
  4. 3 External Bays and 6 Internal Bays
  5. 2 Fans included
  6. Can remove hard drive bays for placement of larger graphics cards.
  7. Room for 8 fans. I’m a fan of this.
  8. Cable management room.

How could you not want this case?

Placing Parts in Case

The good news here is that the case has room for a lot of stuff. It is a mid-tower, which means it’s about 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The hard drives bays can be removed or moved around to create more space if needed and installing a new hard drive is super easy. The Glass on the outside allows for an awesome view of the case and is a very interesting design.

The front contains plastic that just pops off, so you can access the front fan to clean around that area. There are also multiple colors to choose from, but the color is always blue.

Good Steel

The NZXT Phantom 410 review has hopefully opened your eyes because this computer case is perfect for someone looking to run a bigger build. There is plenty of room and support for ATX and ATX-mini motherboards. You can also fit almost any graphics card inside. I definitely recommend trying this case for you next build because it is cheap and spacious. The blue in the case that gets brighter as you toggle the fan is also a really awesome feature.



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