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Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well and that this new technology news is informative for you and you find something you like!. Today I want to discuss some awesome technology coming out and head over to see how to build a computer if you get some extra time.

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The Reverse Microwave

Now you may be wondering what the heck this even is. My initial thought was, “it’s a freezerwave?” and that sounds super weird. I mean let’s say you want some ice cubes or a cold beer but they are at room temperature. Well guess what you can do…throw your drink in the freezerwave and you can chill a drink from room temperature to under 40 degrees in 5 seconds. This is so awesome for me because I love cold drinks. Definitely on the buy list. I don’t see a release date for them as of now, but keep an eye out for this.


Adobe is such an underrated tech giant. Without Photoshop, Twitter wouldn’t be half as interesting, and Premiere helped YouTubers get a life. Adobe’s products mostly target more advanced user but slowly they are becoming easier for consumers.

The feature to pay $30 a month as opposed to $200 for Photoshop has really made things easier in the short run, but in the long run, it does kind of suck. They also have integrated everything into Adobe Cloud, which makes life easier for everyone attempting to use their products. New products are continually being rolled out by them.23 products for $50 a month is not too bad of a price. Head on over to Adobe to get started.

3-D Metal Printing

3-D plastic printing has been slowly introduced to us over the years. The progression of this technology is rapidly growing and metal is becoming a feasible material to be used when printing now. The ability to create metal objects so easily would be quite amazing in one sense, but the downside is a lot of workers would be affected by this due to a computer taking their jobs.

Imagine just making a sketch and having hundreds of computers print it off for you. There would be no need for the average worker. This could also mean manufacturing companies need a lot less space because they can print the parts on demand. 3-d metal printing is about to be the next big market so keep your eyes out for this technology. See how it’s a 100x faster here.

Amazon Go

Amazon Go is another genius product of Amazon. Basically, it’s a store where you don’t need to check out. No more massive Walmart lines or scanning all your crap and having to listen to the robot voice say, “PLEASE PLACE ITEM IN BAGGING AREA” and I’m pretty sure I’ve had a few aneurysms listening to that stupid voice.

The same technology used in self-driving cars, like sensors and computer vision makes this possible. Each time you grab an item, it’s placed in a virtual buggy and you just walk outside. You get a receipt and then it’s charged from your Amazon account. I want one……

Self-Driving Cars

This is such a fun topic to discuss. People are always concerned with hackers and everything else. I could see why this tech has been under so much scrutiny and pressure to perform well. You now have the lives of multiple people in a car that is driven by an AI.

Pacemakers and other technology are relied on to keep people alive, but those systems only affect one person. When talking about cars driving themselves, we have to account for people in the car, and whoever else is on the road. I can see why this technology has been put on such hold since its invention. If you wonder when will self-driving cars be ready? well this is something everyone is wondering. Updating could break the driving and bugs could cause major catastrophes. This might not be ready for a while.

Too Drunk Wristbandnew technology news

A couple of students from the University of Colorado Denver had this neat idea to create a wristband that lets you know when you’re too drunk. This would definitely come in hand for everyone and keep people a lot safer. I am sure parents would love to give this gift to their children because this is a big concern for younger people. You can buy one here.


New Technology News

I know this is only a little bit of the newest technology news out now. Hopefully, you will get a freezerwave, freeze some beers, and relax. Knowing that you have your drinking level wristband should make you feel way more confident on when to drive home. Running in a store and just grabbing stuff isn’t stealing anymore with Amazon Go anymore…how would they deal with shoplifting? And self-driving cars parading around the streets…not sure how I feel about that yet, please let me know your thoughts below!

Check out my latest news on Kaspersky in case you are still using that for your anti-virus, the results are shocking!


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