Kaspersky Antivirus Software Review

Hey guys! Here to give you my unfiltered Kaspersky antivirus software review today. I have used it some on the business front and have a little experience with it. As for my personal computer, I have never really tried it, I prefer Norton. The government published an article that I read today denouncing Kaspersky and they are dumping their service. This is big news because this is going to cost the government tons of money to replace Kaspersky on every single computer they have and in 90 days. I would definitely look into this article and be sure to think long and hard about Kaspersky if you still use it. I have posted the link from the Department of Homeland Security below(DHS) and hopefully, you will review it and this will help you make decisions on your antivirus in the future.

How the Government Works

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With my 6 years of experience as an IT Specialist with the government and then working with the Federal system, I have seen a lot of stuff. One of those things is not changing AV in 90 days. Kaspersky must have really dropped the ball here. All I can say is run. The government is tighter than a man who counts his hands after a handshake. The fact that they are going to drop all of this money to swap that quickly is astounding. I cannot believe that they are saying Kaspersky is spying on them for Russia. This article will hopefully give you some clarity on your decision and help you choose a good antivirus for you.




Why is the Government Dumping Kaspersky?

The government is dumping Kaspersky because it has been compromised. They are accusing them of collaborating with Russian spies and I am sure there is way more to the story. The government would not just up and drop an AV that will cost tons of money to replace in a short amount of time. They definitely have a good reason beyond what they tell us in their article. I have worked for the government for 6 years as an IT Specialist and they honestly are pretty secure. Mostly because they require a CAC card to even print a piece of paper. Eventually, they will require CACs to be able to go to the bathroom. They are super secure because no one has access to anything. The fact that they are moving away from Kaspersky and calling them out should definitely be alarming to you.


What do I do for My Home Computer AV?

I would say if you have Kaspersky immediately trash it. Uninstall it and do not look back. I suggest an antivirus, like Norton or something, with Malwarebytes, and CCleaner. I say this because I have ran these 3 things for years and never had any problems. This is only a problem if you are planning on selling AK47s on the black market, which I hope you do not do in your spare time. You need to keep your information safe online, as software can only go so far and Norton is the top rated, best selling AV on the market.


You are browsing safely on a private network when you are at home and are protected to a degree by your internet service provider(ISP). When you are browsing sites, you do need to be careful because that is where majority of problems stem from.


What do I do for My Business AV?

I would say just suck it up and drop Kaspersky. Maybe find something free or something temporarily. The credibility of Kaspersky has dropped tremendously after this exploit. Having a bad review from the DHS….that is all I have to say. The DHS is giving them a chance to write a comeback report that will probably fail unless they have every great scholar that ever lived in one room.

Kaspersky Antivirus Software Review

Kaspersky is pretty much done now and I would suggest you try to move on to something on a mass scale. Webroot is a pretty great AV for businesses. I understand that you may have spent money on this AV but it is not trustworthy and who knows what they are monitoring and if they really are spying on people and sending it to Russia. If you want to keep Kaspersky more power to you, that is completely your decision. I just want you guys to be aware so you can be prepared.


My Kaspersky Antivirus Software Review, Run Away

If you cannot tell by now, I do not recommend Kaspersky. I would suggest Norton as being the one I have user for years and one that is reliable to me. I think it is a security flaw and keeping that on your machines is not a great idea. You need to be careful with your personal data and who knows what the DHS found out about what Kaspersky is doing. Please take the things I say into consideration when I stress the importance of finding an alternative. The government doesn’t just throw our money around like t…I mean the government doesn’t just make decisions like this every single day. This is definitely something they have evidence from the bold claims the government states in their report.

The government is simple. They pay to the lowest bidder as I always heard in the Army. Since the government is changing AVs out of the blue, so follow suit. They are doing this because they have potential ties with Russia, which will be covered in the link below. This is my watered down version.

For your home AV, just go with free. Be free and do not surf bad sites and you should be okay. Paying for AV is ridiculous at home. For your business, you will want to take that more seriously since you are responsible for hundreds of user’s searching habits and who knows what people search anymore. Thank you for reading.






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  1. I have heard of Kaspersky anti virus from their advertisements around the internet but I was wondering whether it is as or even more effective than the other more popular antivirus such as McAfee or Norton.

    After reading on your review, kapersky isn’t that good as it seems to and I just remembered I got a free copy of it from a seminar. I will heed your advice and trash it and thanks for the heads up!

    • fernglow,

      Hey man glad I could help you out! I would advise sticking to McAfee or Norton and staying away from Kaspersky for sure. Being aware of security issues is key and glad this helped you come to a conclusion.


  2. I was looking online for a better security for my laptop when I found this article, I can’t say I have heard of kaspersky bug im glad I saw this before I tried it for myself so thanks for the heads up

    • You are very welcome Matthew. Just want to keep you guys safe out there from stuff like this. The government dropping something like this is pretty big news.


    • Kevin,

      Norton is the number 1 AV and best selling for a reason. it is perfect for home protection if you require it. There are free alternatives like AVG as well.


  3. Hello, thank you for sharing this article. I have never heard of Kaspersky Antivirus Software. Will definitely share this to help others out. I personally use this security called 360 security for years, and never had any computer problem. If I ever need any security software, I will consider norton, it counds like a good one.

    • You are so welcome! Thank you for spreading the word, I would have for anyone to be vulnerable out there. I have never heard of security 360, I will look into it. It sounds pretty good since you never had any problems!


    • That is great man! I hate to be the bearer of bad news for you, but the government made it pretty clear we should head away from Kaspersky. I suggest Norton for sure, as it is the best as your brother has experienced.


  4. hi, av that I use is called avg antivirus because it’s free and it works for me never had any major problems with this antivirus anyway loved your very informative post thanks for sharing have a good day or night.

  5. Hi, Pat, I personally use Avast antivirus(free version) but I have used Kaspersky in the past. To think that the government completely replaced them, I had no idea. Thanks for informing me of this, while I never planned on going back to Kaspersky in the first place, this puts the icing on the cake for me, and now have the knowledge to make the decision to absolutely not trust Kaspersky by any means. Thank you for your informative article!

    • Hey Jacob, so glad i could help you out! Yes, this is pretty big news and I want as many people to be aware of it as possible so they can be safe. Thank you for reading and commenting, have a great day!

  6. I’ve actually used Kaspersky for a while, some time ago.

    I honestly did not know about the whole Russian spies accusation.
    In my case, I stopped using it simply because it wasn’t all that good in the first place (at least in my case).

    Honestly, I’m glad that I’m not working with them anymore.


    • Hey Vlad, 

      Thank you for the comment. Yes it was pretty crazy to hear about and my experience with them has not been so great either. I suggest any other AV over them honestly.


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