Exporting Internet Explorer Favorites

Chances are, if your using a computer now, your going to be using a different one five years from now. You might be getting a new computer because it was ruined by viruses or because someone spilled coffee all over it. Regardless, changing computers is a huge pain, mainly because of all of the data that you have to transfer and all the settings you have changed. One particularly painful part of this process is losing all the favorites you have collected.

But, I bring good news! You don’t have to lose them! Exporting Internet Explorer favorites allows you to save a file full of the favorites you have gathered, transfer them to your new computer, and import them into Internet Explorer so that you have all of those beautiful favorites without having to manually add them. I’ve also created an article covering this same process for Mozilla Firefox if you want to take a look. So, if you’re ready, lets get started!

Exporting Internet Explorer Favorites

In order to get those favorites on over to your new computer, you’ll have to export them from internet explorer. Here’s How:

  1. In the top right corner of your Internet Explorer, click your favorites icon. A menu should pop up. Click the down arrow beside the add to favorites button and select the “import and export…” option in the list.Select favorites icon, drop down, import and export
  2. Make sure “Export to a file” is selected and click “Next”.select export, then click next
  3. In this window select favorites. You can choose cookies as well if you want to bring over minor settings and preferences from the various websites that you have visited. Click “Next”.select favorites, click next
  4. Now it asks you what favorites folder you want to export. I think it’s a safe to say that most people want all of their favorites, so select the “Favorites” folder, then click “Next”.select favorites, click next
  5. In this window it asks you to choose where you want to put the file. Click the “Browse” button to choose where you want to place this favorites file. Because we are trying to transfer this to another computer, an easy place to put it is on the desktop, which you can select in the left side of this window. When you select the desktop, hit “Save”. (This is also the same method you would use to create a backup of your favorites for safekeeping. You can just store this bookmark.htm file somewhere safe.)browse,desktop, click save
  6. Now click the “Export” button which should create a file called bookmark.htm on your desktop and in the next window hit “Finish”.

Transfer Your Favorites File

Now that we’re done exporting internet explorer favorites, we need to copy your new favorites file to a storage device so we can transfer it over to your new computer:

  1. When you insert a storage device into your computer, it should ask you what you would like to do with it. When it does, choose “Open device to view files”. If it does not show up, you can go to the file explorer, click “My PC” (which might be “My Computer”), find the device, and double click to open it.transfer your bookmarks file
  2. Now, with that window open, go to your desktop, right click on the file you created (by default it is named bookmark), and click on copy.
  3. Go back to the window that has your storage device open, right click an empty space, and select paste.
  4. Now you need to eject your device. Go to the bottom right corner of your desktop, click the “show hidden icons” up arrow, right click the flash drive icon, and select your device to eject it.
  5. Remove the storage device from your old computer and plug it into your new computer.

Importing Internet Explorer Favorites


  1. Start Internet Explorer and go through step one of the “Export Your Favorites” section except this time select “Import from a file”
  2. In this window select favorites (and if you chose to export the cookies, select cookies here also) and click next.
  3. Now we need to find our favorites file named bookmark and select it. In the left pane you should see your device below “My PC”. Double click it, select the bookmark file, and then hit “Open” to select it. Then, click “Next”.storage device, bookmark file, open
  4. Once again we will want to select the uppermost “Favorites” folder and then click “Import”
  5. Select “Finish.” Now your favorites should be successfully imported into Internet Explorer!Exporting Internet Explorer Favorites

And that’s all there is to it! Exporting Internet Explorer favorites isn’t too hard right? I really hope this saves you a lot of trouble! If you were unsure how to get your favorites from one computer to another or didn’t know that you could, I hope you now feel confident that you won’t have to give up your favorites when you move to a new computer.

If you have any questions or need some help with anything else, please let me know in the comments below. I’m happy to help! Until next time… Cheers!

Exporting Internet Explorer Favorites To Edge: Bonus!

If you new computer has Windows 10, then Microsoft Edge is going to be your default browser. However, Internet Explorer is still there. You can just go to the start menu and search for it. Though if you do want to use Edge, sadly you cannot import favorites into it directly. You can, however, import bookmarks into Internet Explorer first, then go into Edge and import from Internet Explorer.


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