Export Bookmarks In Firefox: Backup and Transfer Those Bookmarks!

Hello peoples! Here again to show you how to backup those bookmarks and transfer ’em to another computer. This time we will export bookmarks in Firefox!

It’s super important to occasionally backup your bookmarks and super useful to be able to transfer them to Firefox on another computer. You don’t have to lose any of those precious bookmarks and you don’t have to lose any of the organization you’ve done. Which, if you’re like me, is quite a lot.

Also, I’ve already covered how to do this in Internet Explorer, so if you need to backup or transfer bookmarks for IE, check out my other article!

Now, where were we? Right, how to export bookmarks in Firefox.

Export Bookmarks In Firefox

To get those bookmarks out of Firefox and into another computer we’re gonna need to export them first. This means that we’re pulling them out of Firefox and putting them into a file that it can read on other computers. For instance, if you’re friend wanted all of your bookmarks, they would be able to import them into their Firefox too. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

    1. In Firefox go to the bookmarks menu at the top and click “Show All Bookmarks.” If you don’t see the Bookmarks menu, you can right click in the top of your browser and select “Menu Bar” which should put a check mark next to it. Then your all your menus should show up at the top. (Alternatively you can use the key combo “Ctrl+Shift+B” to open the “All Bookmarks” window.) Show Menu Bar
    2. In the bookmarks window, click “Import and Backup” and then select “Export Bookmarks to HTML.”Export Firefox Bookmarks to HTML
    3. In this next window we have to figure out where to put these bookmarks. When I’m doing one-off things like transferring or backing up bookmarks, I usually just put any files on my desktop temporarily which makes it really easy to find later. Select the “Desktop” item in the left pane and click “Save.”

Transfer Your Bookmarks File

Now that we’ve exported these bookmarks, we need to put them on some kind of storage device so we can move them to another computer. For the sake of clarity, I’m just going to be saying (and using) a flash drive.

  1. When you insert your flash drive into your computer, it should ask you what you want to do with it. When it does, choose “Open device to view files”. If it does not show up, you can go to the file explorer, click “My PC” (which might be “My Computer”), find the device, and double click to open it.Export Bookmarks In Firefox
  2. Leaving this window open, go back to your desktop and right click on the new bookmarks file you created, right click on it, and select copy.
  3. Go back to the window you left open for your flash drive, right click on some empty space in this window, and select paste. Now you should have your bookmarks safely on your flash drive.
  4. Now you need to eject your flash drive. Go to the bottom right corner of your desktop, click the “show hidden icons” up arrow, right click the flash drive icon, and choose your device to eject it.

Import Bookmarks In Firefox

So we have our bookmarks exported and they are sitting on some kind of storage. You can now use it to import your bookmarks on another computer and afterwards put it somewhere safe along with  anything else you need back up. Here’s how we can import your bookmarks on your new computer.

  1. Put your flash drive into the new computer. It may prompt you to open the device or do something with it, but you can close that. We’ll be navigating to the flash drive from within Firefox.
  2. Open your Firefox and navigate back to the bookmarks library like we did in step 1 of the first section, except this time click on “Import Bookmarks From HTML.”
  3. In the window that pops up, navigate to your bookmarks file in your flash drive. The drive should be listed near the bottom in the pane on the left of this window. Once you’ve found the bookmarks file, select it and click “Open.”Import Firefox Bookmarks

And that’s all there is to it! You should have your old bookmarks in your snazzy new Firefox and be able to continue life as usual. If you have any questions or need some help with this or anything else, let me know in the comments below!

However, now that we’ve gone through this process I do have to tell you about something that may help you out with this in the future.

Firefox Sync: Bonus!

You see, Firefox has this neat feature called Firefox Sync. This allows you to sign into an account that you create with Mozilla and it automatically saves your bookmarks and settings as well as add-ons. That way, when you have move to a new computer, you can download Firefox and then sign into your sync account and let Firefox synchronize all of your data! However, Firefox still recommends that you make your own backups. You can watch a video about it here!


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