Corsair Gaming k70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard, K70 Review

Corsair Gaming k70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard




Key response time









  • Durable
  • RGB LEDs
  • Built in USB
  • Windows disable button
  • Free wrist rest and extra keys


  • The price is steep
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Fairly heavy
  • Loud clicking of keys
  • Requires 2 USB ports or 1 3.0 port

Hey guys! I wanted to create a review for the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB mechanical keyboard. I’ve had this keyboard for a year now and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I was at work and this guy was showing me his old keyboard and I was like “Let me show you my Corsair Gaming K70 RGB mechanical keyboard.” Well, he was mighty impressed. He went and bought one the next day!


Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Mechanical Keyboard Overview

Let’s just say it is straight metal, like Slayer level metal. This keyboard is fairly hefty and I have dropped mine five times without a scratch. I have a cheap Walmart desk that is slowly falling apart. The keyboard tray just falls out sometimes. Although, it does give me good back posture because I am ready for the tray to fall off and slam on my feet.

There are some awesome buttons, like the one for toggling the Windows key. It also comes with free WASD keys with grips so you can find your finger positioning. All keys can be replaced with extraordinary ease by using the FREE tool that comes with it.

Let’s not even get me started on the Red, Green, Blue(RGB) function of this keyboard. The LED back-lit keys are amazing. You can customize each key independently and make every single key a different color if your heart desires it.

The only real negatives are price and software which we should go over.


The Software for RGB

I want to expand on this topic because I spent a good deal of time trying to get my keyboard looking pretty, as you can see. I have made 12 beautiful profiles but I’m not sure I want to give my ultra cool color schemes away (Well I might, but you’d have to ask real nice.)

My tip for you is to NOT use the latest Corsair software. You can try the new software if you really want to. They might have made it better, but when I used it, it wouldn’t let you color individual keys. You will not see your color scheme when your computer is locked or on a different user, but other than that, the software is amazing!


Key Features

As I said earlier, one of the great things that come with this keyboard is grip keys. People that play FPS and MOBAs would love these keys. The keys have grips on them to let you feel your way across the keyboard back to the correct keys. This is super useful for when you are moving around your keyboard often and need to reset.

Also included is a soft wrist-rest for typing and gaming which is so useful. It is extremely comfortable and gives great wrist support. It does take up a lot of room, however, which can be annoying depending on your setup.

The keyboard also has an extra USB port on top. It’s great for anyone who does not have easily accessible USB ports. However, it is only a USB 2.0, so you won’t get the fastest transport speeds out of it.

Cherry Keys and What This Means

Cherry MX Red switches have a low actuation force — coming in at 45 cN (centinewtons) — tied with Brown switches for the lowest force of the four most common switches. Red switches have been marketed as a gaming switch, with the lightweight allowing for more rapid actuation, and have become increasingly common in gaming keyboards.


However, with this keyboard, it gets better still. Red switches have a 2mm travel distance, which is pretty small, but the K70 used Silver switches, which have an even smaller distance. Silver ones have a 1.2mm travel distance, so it’s insanely fast. Which sometimes makes typing really hard if you are like me and hit 3 keys at once with your fat fingers.

 My Brief Review

I like to keep things short and sweet. When I read reviews I am looking for pertinent information, not the fact that keyboards were created 50 years ago or whatever random facts people include. Its evident, here are a lot of great qualities with the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB mechanical keyboard.

The negatives are the price, weight, size, and loudness of clicking from the keys. I could see how someone gets easily annoyed by “clickclackclickclack” when you are typing 50+ words per minute. Now that you have your professional keyboard, maybe learn a professional hobby! Please comment below with any questions!






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  1. Thanks for the review. My son was just looking online for a gaming keyboard so I’ll be sure to have him read up on your comments about this one. I don’t know about him, but a loud keyboard would eventually drive me crazy. lol.

    • Yes, the clicking is continual so if you think you would be annoyed easily, this is not the keyboard I would recommend lol. If he needs a quieter suggestion, let me know and I would love to look!


  2. Thanks for sharing Pat. I’ve been looking for a new gaming keyboard and this has most the features I want.
    Do you know if you can make the keys a single colour in the settings?

    • Yes you can easily make the entire keyboard one color. It takes all of 5 seconds and if you need any help or have any questions let me know!


  3. I am currently looking into some cool gifts that I could get for my nephews and you just gave me the perfect idea. They are so crazy about online games so I’m pretty much sure they’ll love this. I would love to get this for myself as well because aside from being able to customize the colors I like the grip key and the soft wrist-rest features. You know how you have to press the keyboard really hard in order to give the command, which in effect creates some noise that can be annoying to the people around you who just wants peace and quiet.
    By the way, is this light-weight? Because when players, especially kids, get excited they would want to carry the gaming keyboard on their lap.

    • Unfortunately the keyboard is fairly heavy. It is pure metal so it is very durable but with added weight. Everything else on the keyboard is really great and kids would have fun with it, but the keys do come off fairly easily. Hope this gives you some insight!


  4. Hi Pat, thanks for taking the time to share your experience with all of us.

    I must say that I am really excited about this keyboard. it would appear that this is the sort you purchase once and need not worry about it for quite sometime.

    I like this because I am not in the market for throwaway equipment. Also immediately the first things I noticed where the awesome key lights, the heavy duty construction, and the overall ergonomic appeal. I think that once of the coolest features is that you can customize each key to be a different color. Thanks for the heads up on the software too!

    I bet your fingers glide across this keyword with complete ease. I like boards that require less effort to press time allowing for a much quicker reaction time.

    I’m really looking forward to the Corsair Gaming k70.

    Thanks once more for sharing your thoughts. What games are you playing right now?

    • Hey Justin,
      Thank you for the great comment! Yes this keyboard will last for years and have 0 problems. Yes I type so fast with this keyboard that I generally have a lot of typos!

      I play Dota 2, Total War, and some Playstation 2 emulators. I have over 350 Steam games so I need this keyboard all day long.


  5. This was an incredible review! I especially liked the chart at the beginning with the ratings, it’s very engaging and uses color to great effect. The in-depth look into the features and why they are so useful was especially nice as well.

    • Hey Brad, thank you for the kind words. I love this keyboard and I thought I would share it with you guys since it is amazing. I am thankful for the feedback as the chart is something new I am trying, so this really helps!!


  6. That’s one heck of a slick looking keyboard. I recently picked up a Sensei mouse and had been looking for the right keyboard to match up with it for my League addiction. this looks like it will handle all the key requirements from a functional perspective and also bring a little flair to my desk as well.

    I appreciate the comment on the loud as hell keys too, fortunately I tend to play loud music while I game anyway so that shouldn’t be too much of a bother.

    Thanks for such a comprehensive review!

    • This is a great keyboard for League. You can slap some MOBA grip keys that come free with the keyboard on there and you are good to go!

      Yes the keys are loud, but I enjoy the clicking 🙂

      Thank you for the comment!


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