Cool cmd Commands, With Some Spicy Shortcuts

Hey guys! I have a great article here for you if you have never used the command prompt(cmd) or do not know many shortcut keys. If you are anything like I am, you are lazy and want shortcut keys! I always try to expand on the shortcut keys that I know and cool cmd commands are used as well. Later on, we will discuss Powershell but that is neither here nor there. Enjoy!

What cmd is, Seasoning Our Main Course

The cmd is the command line interpreter, basically, makes you a God on your Windows computer. There is a great power with the cmd. We access this through a command line interface(CLI) that you see when you type cmd in the search bar on a Window’s computer.

I say it makes you a God because you basically can control anything, but you have to know the proper syntax(fancy for having all of your words in the right place). Most people do not know anything about the command prompt and its powers. Now if you are a Linux user, you should be well versed in your CLI abilities. We will go over that in the future as well.

Adding Some Spice, Shortcuts in Windows

This does not really pertain to the cmd, but they are nonetheless cool shortcuts. My definition of cool may differ from yours, as I associate cool with efficient. I have a couple of cool, efficient shortcuts in the Windows graphical user interface(GUI) below:

  • Alt + Tab – This is anyone’s go to for swapping to another window quickly.
  • Windows Key + Tab – This behaves a little different on each OS.
    • Windows 7&8 – Does same thing alt+tab does, but cooler
    • Windows 10 – Puts all the Windows open up in tile-like structure but you can create an entirely new desktop (in the bottom right corner) to make things pretty interesting.
  • Windows Key + E – Opens file explorer
  • Windows Key + R – MY FAVORITE. Opens the RUN box which we will discuss later, sorry for the suspense.
  • Control + C – Copy.
  • Control + V – Paste.
  • Control + X – Cut.
  • Control + Z – Undo.
  • Control + S – Save.
  • Control + A – Select all.
  • Control + D – Delete.

A little history on the run box(My favorite). Basically, it allows you to go directly to a file path or anywhere else. Windows 8 and 10 have some crappy GUI’s and it is so tough to find your computer information and control panel. Just Windows + R and type control panel and you good to go!
All of these shortcuts I use every day. They are so quick and helpful, I just had to throw them in there for you guys. If I missed any let me know! Hope you can get some use out of them. Now back to cmds!

Cool cmd Commands, the Main Course

I am going to save the cool commands for last. These are some basic commands that are really powerful and everyone should know. Follow these steps to see just a few useful commands. There are a ton more but I will give you the ones that are important in my opinion:

  1. Use MY FAVORITE command (Windows key + R in case you forgot, how dare you) and you will open the run box.
  2. Type cmd and hit enter.
    1. Now there is something to know about this. You are in regular cmd. You have to manually type cmd in the search bar and right-click, select Run as Admin to have elevated rights. Sometimes you will need this.
  3. Type the following commands
    • ipconfig
    • ipconfig /all – These give you basic network info
    • arp -a – Shows every device on your network
    • chkdsk – Checks the life of your hard drive
    • cls – Clears all previous commands
    • Type | ping – Sends request to Google to verify you have an internet connection(If you receive replies, you have internet)
    • Then | ping -t – Sends a continuous ping.
    • Finally | ping -a – Tells you the host name of the address being pinged.
    • Control + C – Stops any pings or anything running.


That is just a short, down and dirty list. I am aware I left out a ton of commands, but there are just so many. All of these I included are the ones I use on a daily basis. They are some more helpful commands and I am running off the top of my head from experience. Sure I could give you some crazy useless commands, but I want to help you guys and give you some food that sticks to your bones.

Now for the Cool Desserts

The first thing we gotta do is customize our colors right? What is cool without colors. Two ways you can do this.

  1. Temporary – Open cmd.
    1. Type color ? and have fun. (I always use color 0a because I love the Matrix)
    2. Now type the command, tree. Now you look like a real hacker heh.
  2. Permanent – Open cmd.
    1. Right-click the white and go to properties.
    2. Play with some colors!

Okay, now I will give you a command that has saved my butt many times.

  • net user – Shows all accounts on your computer.
  • net user accountname password /add – Lets you make a new user in case you get locked out. There are more advanced instructions to this, but this is a cool command to know.
  • net user accountname /delete
  • net user administrator /active:yes – Enables hidden default Admin account

It enables the hidden Windows profile in case you get locked out. Net user is amazing!


Another really useful thing to know about is the /?
It defeats help in the cmd. Like, try net /? Then try one of the submenus like net user/? and just keep following those down and you will see every command.
Also, try this.

  1. Open cmd
  2. Type: title I love commands

You changed the title!
These are just some cool little commands I found that are useful. The thing about cool commands is you have to memorize them so you can show them off. You do not want to be like “Hang on one sec, let me look this syntax up”. You just want to go in there, hit control r, color 0a, title ” I am cool”, and then tree. Now you look like Gary McKinnon.

End of the Meal

I hope you guys got something useful from this post. I love the command prompt and shortcut keys. They make things so much easier, but be careful and secure when using these commands as you need to keep your information safe. I had to share some of my favorite commands. We went over what cmd is, what are some good shortcuts, some good commands, and some cool commands. I tried to water this down as much as possible and keep all the extra info out. I like to get straight to the point. But if you guys have any cool commands, I would love to hear about them below! Also, if you could give some ideas for what topics you want the down and dirty on, please let me know that too! Thanks.




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  1. Hi Pat,
    Wow that’s some cool tricks. That’s a lot of information for someone like me who has no idea that there is such a thing. Good job at teaching this lesson to us. I really like that. I might try it sometimes when I have the time. Looks like some cool coding!

    • Hey Kelyee,
      Thank you for the comment! Yes. it is a lot of information to take in. I tried to water it down and make it as simple as possible. The shortcut keys are super handy when using a computer on a daily basis.


    • Hey Dave,

      Thank you. My goal is to help both new and experienced users to be more comfortable with computers. A future post will be how to easily edit CSS in a website. It is so easy!


  2. Hello as you say really cool stuff. I am novice to the language of commands except the control ones I know thats it. Iwill definitely try these, good to learn new stuff. Thank you for sharing.

    Best Regards

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