Building a Computer Step by Step – Computer Case Sizes

Hey guys, last week we discussed starting a series on building a computer. We discussed how choosing the case was the MOST IMPORTANT part of the entire process so pay close attention to this article. There are a lot of computer case sizes, and it is important that you know them because it will determine the future of your entire computer.

Most Important Computer Case Sizes

There are three types of cases I want to discuss here primarily(there are more than three). The three most important cases are the Full Towers, Mid Towers, and Mini Towers. I prefer a mid-tower because you get expandability and portability, unlike the other two. Notice I say MY needs and not YOUR needs, so we will cover each to help you decide what fits YOUR needs.



Mini Tower

To be honest, I would not suggest this case if you are looking into gaming or expand ability. These cases are relatively small and compact, which is good if you are looking for mobility. A Mini-tower usually will have two or three internal drive bays. Mini-towers are generally 14 inches tall/7 inches wide and take up minimal space.

Let me just list the pros and cons I see and I suggest you do the same:


  • Portable
  • Cheap
  • Takes little space


  • Minimal expandability
  • Cooling issues due to being so compact
  • Hard to work on since everything is compact
  • Virtually no room for parts(like a huge graphics card)
  • Difficult cable management due to tight spaces

As you can tell, the cons outweigh the pros for Mini Towers in my mind. There is just simply no reason to ever use a mini tower unless you need to save space. Even then, laptops are better than a mini tower.


Mid Tower

Mid tower is where it is at! I say this because I have one, a red NZXT Phantom 410. It is quite massive, with 6 hard drive slots and tons of space. It is pretty heavy too and takes up some space, so I can’t even imagine a full-sized tower. That is why I think a full size would be overkill and mid-tower is the perfect amount. They are around 18 inches tall/7.5 inches wide.


Here are the pros and cons I see for mid towers:


  • Plenty of space
  • Affordable
  • Not too compact for ventilation
  • More fans can be added for cooling
  • Easily can upgrade
  • Not too huge
  • Easiest cable management


  • Not as portable
  • Draws a lot of power
  • Fans can make a little noise


Full Tower

A full tower can also be good in some situations. Some people say airflow is even better because you have more room, but if you have a big enough mid tower, the difference is nominal. I am not opposed to full towers, but I just don’t see the purpose. You really do not need twelve hard drive bays unless you are a….yeah I just don’t know why ever? These mammoths are around 24 inches tall/8 inches wide. This is the biggest in computer case sizes and I would say to think this part through thoroughly.

computer case data-lazy-sizes


  • A TON of space
  • Great airflow
  • Tons of expandable drive bays
  • Super durable
  • Probably will not need a case for a long time


  • Way  too many extra bays
  • Takes up too much space
  • Cannot be moved around as easily
  • Fairly loud due to all the fans going
  • Sucks up power
  • Cable management becomes hard due to long distances


Final Thoughts – Opening the Case

My opinion is clearly biased if you can’t tell by now, we all know my favorite of the above-mentioned computer case sizes. I prefer the mid tower because it is not an overkill tank and not a too compact mini coupe. I recommend checking out my review of the NZXT Phantom 410 tower I have and seeing what you think if you don’t know which direction to go.

Now we have chosen our case(my NZXT Phantom 410 for me), this may be a mini or full in your situation, we can continue onward building. Remember to buy accordingly. Up next is the next most important component, the motherboard! So now we will open up the case and figure out what motherboard corresponds to the case we have chosen and why. In that case, head on over to the next article looking into motherboards!

Comment below with any questions, suggestions, or just whatever you can think of! Thank you.


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  1. Hi Pat! I read your post to get a better understanding of the computers I use. After reading this post, and seeing that the motherboard topic is next, I’ll be checking it out along with any other posts on your site. I believe what you share here will help me better address future computer needs and make better purchases. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge!

    • You’re very welcome. Technology is so prevalent today and computers are definitely not going anywhere so learning about them is doing you a favor.

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