Building a Computer Step by Step – Best Computer Accessories

Hello again everyone, we are almost finished building a computer! The last article we grabbed some RAM and chose our storage devices. Today, our focus will be on the best computer accessories and a few parts we missed. I want to just briefly touch over some items and kind of give an opinion on these so you can complete your build in style.

We Need More Power!

The power supply is crucial to your build and something that is required, not just an accessory. This seems the most fitting place to write about this part as there is not much to it.

Power supplies are very important to your build as it provides the wattage for and power for everything. A PSU (Power Supply Unit) can contain misinformation and you should be careful when purchasing one. I recommend doing research here and buying a good brand name, so you don’t get shorted.

If the CPU is the brains of a computer, then the PSU is the blood, muscles, and bones. Without a good PSU, you can’t operate. Corsair, Seasonic, and EVGA are the brands I would recommend purchasing regardless of your build reason. Once again make sure there is room in your case before going out and buying a massive PSU.

Keep in mind, pc part picker will help you decide if the power supply is compatible with your build so worrying about the connectors is not a huge deal here. The website also tells you how much wattage your computer will consume.

Let’s look at a sample PSU, EVGA SuperNOVA 650 vs EVGA SuperNOVA 750. Basically, the 650 has 650 watts and the 750 outputs 750. You don’t have to overcomplicate this. Just check the amount of power you need, so our build together so far needs 400W. I will go with 650 just to be safe and leave us some room in the future. Simple.

Optical Drive

What even is this anymore? Fancy for a DVD player. If you have room in your case, I would suggest buying one. Go cheap unless you plan on watching blue ray movies. I say this because of a lot of disks that come with your software. You could also want to watch a DVD or burn them or something.This doesn’t really qualifty as one of the best computer accessories, I mean come on, it’s $13.

Operating System

I count this as an accessory because you must purchase this or find an alternative. You can use some tools to pull your old Windows key so you can transfer it to your new computer, or you can just buy Windows new. You also can put Linux on there, my recommendation is Ubuntu because it is 100% free.


This is so important as you will be typing and using the keyboard every time you turn the computer on. I suggest checking out my review of my Corsair keyboard as I absolutely adore this keyboard. There are tons of options out there and a lot of different types of keyboards but really you want to go down a checklist to decide what is best for you to weed them out.

Here is the checklist I like to use:

  • Mechanical or Membrane – Mechanical is for heavy-duty users and are expensive. Regular Membrane is what comes with every computer standard.
  • RBG (Reg, green, blue) or No lights
  • Loud or Quiet – Mechanical keyboards sound like typewriters.
  • Big or small – If you want to save on space, I’d probably go with the Membrane computer
  • USB port amount – Mechanical keyboards can take up 2 ports, so be wary of that in case you don’t have a lot.

Honestly, you just need to run through this list and then go out there and find a good keyboard.


Best Computer Accessories

There are a ton of mice out there to choose from as well. Do you want to play games? What kind? You can spend all day shopping for these too. I created a list just like I did for keyboards to help you choose. Check out the mouse displayed above here.

  • Small or Large
  • Wired or Wireless
  • Gaming or No
  • If gaming, what type – MMO vs FPS
  • RGB

I would rely on reviews here and do a lot of research. Mice are the most used accessory so keeps that in mind when choosing the best computer accessories for you.

Putting the Best Computer Accessories Together

Now that we have run through here and chosen are FINAL parts, yes final, we are ready to grab our last piece, the monitor!  That will come in our next article but for now, your computer is finished! You are ready to build it or have someone build it for you. This is exciting and not difficult at all. Don’t be afraid of putting the pieces together if you choose to. It simply plugs and plays and I will try to provide some answers on how to do this later on. I just want to run through my choices for all the equipment we discussed today.

  • EVGA SuperNOVA 650
  • Lite-On – iHAS124-14 DVD/CD Writer
  • Microsoft – Windows 10 Home OEM 64-bit
  • K70 Rapidfire RBG Mechanical Keyboard
  • Razer Deathadder 

I hope this helps and gives you some insight on how to purchase this equipment and I do have a review up on the K70 keyboard if you are interested.

Series Conclusion

Unfortunately, this will be the last post when it comes to building. I am going to throw some tips out there when it comes to configuring a computer such as if you have two hard drives, you must configure the second one through the computer. This is known as disk partitioning and is very handy to know. I am working on this article and will hopefully have it to you soon.

I know the choices are tough and everyone’s build is different. Please let me know if you need any help or have any concerns below. Thank you!




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