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The subtle art of programming. One of my absolute favorite hobbies. Programming is insanely fun but can be very difficult. Sometimes you will work for hours on a problem with a very simple answer. Just the other night I was doing an HTML/CSS project and I was like, “WHY IS MY CSS NOT CONNECTING TO HTML”. I had left my previous HTML file open and this second one was going to be some upgrades to it. Well let’s just say I still had the old HTML page open in the old subfolder, but hey they looked the same. Needless to say, it was 11 p.m. and I was tired.  This is just common stuff you will come across in programming. It requires a ton of brain power but here are the best computer programming languages.

Below we will address the best programming languages for beginners. Some people see the potential in programming and you want to learn, but you do not know exactly where to start. Hopefully, this post will give you some insight and allow you to decide which path to go down. A programmer generally goes down one route, there are a lot to choose from. Mobile Dev? Game dev? Database admin? Web dev? All of these use different coding languages and we can help find the best computer programming languages for you.

Mobile Dev Crushing Candy Life

Do you want to be a mobile dev? Make a complex program and fit all of those pictures on one little screen? It is rough my mobile dev friends.


Java will be your friend, but learning Java is no easy feat. Android Studio is extremely useful to create apps in. The funny thing about this is just setting up the IDE(integrated development environment – the place your code in) is just as hard as learning the language.

Java is the preferred language here because it is the most common language used in the Google Play store. It is the official development language for Android, so Google will love you all the more. Do not be overwhelmed by the learning curve. There are tons of books and resources online to give you tutorials on exactly how to utilize this software and language.

For all of my Apple fans, Start Developing iOS Apps (Swift) is the perfect starting point for learning to create apps that run on iPhone and iPad. Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE), is something I have not used personally, but I am sure it is just as cool as Androids IDE..maybe(android <3!!!).

Game Dev Cheetos and Dew Life

The game dev life. Something we have probably all pondered and dreamed about. Making the next AAA title like a Call of Duty or Fallout game. Sounds absolutely amazing and I am not here to bash your dreams in any way.

But, many devs only work on a single piece to a puzzle. Maybe your job is to create a specific portion of the map or a whole.

It is a lot of work and I would love to try it, I recommend learning C++ and Java as they are more preferred. Both languages are similar in quite a few ways, so trying to learn them side by side would not be a bad idea. I want you to realize, Java is prevalent in everything and learning Java is like learning Chinese. Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, as Java is the most common programming language.

Database Tables and Keys Life


The database life is fairly complex as well. SQL is pretty much the standard DB Admin language. Get ready to create a lot of tables and charts with connecting pieces. There is not as much programming in this field as other programming fields. SQL is more concerned with structure and having a correlation between your data. Writing queries do require you to know how to code, as the IDE for SQL is also not very grand. It is a lot tougher to spot errors in your code because your databases will execute that code most of the time when you have a little error. If you have 1000 users, you are probably not going to go back and double check your work, so your code has to be fairly precise.

Say you have this table:

  1. Students
    • student_id
    • first_name
    • last_name
    • height
    • weight

The best option here would be student_id since it is a unique number assigned to each student. This is just a little bit of what database life looks like.


Web, Why HTML When There is WordPress, Life

I could see why someone would want to use HTML/CSS. It allows more control and more customization. The only problem I have with it is, you can spend 3 hours trying to get a good looking layout, whereas you can WordPress and spend 3 minutes finding the template you want. I am just lazy so I prefer the latter. It is so easy to customize your WordPress site with just a little CSS.

Making websites is really fun, no matter the way you build it. It is a journey and slowly you build more and more and collaborate with other people. Most of the time someone else has an amazing idea, so taking that idea and incorporating it into your design is always really fun. Perspectives are powerful and in the HTML life, you need perspectives. HTML is tough because the IDE’s are not as refined as other languages, so it is way harder to spot errors in your code. Just having an understanding of HTML is good because creating websites is super fun!



Best Computer Programming Languages, These Are The Essentials

I know I have hit on these very vaguely, but I did not want to over inform you. This post was more trying to help you find the direction you want to go in programming. These are the best programming languages I can think of if you are just starting out and want some direction. Many people think programming is a one glove fits all, but it is most definitely not. All of these languages can be learned by anyone if you dedicate the time and practice. I hope to be delving into these topics with you guys more. Please give me feedback and I’d love to know if I have helped someone find direction.




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  1. I´d love to learn a programming language to be honest. It is actually crazy what you can create with it, no matter which one you choose.

    I wanted to make websites as teenager, like 15 years ago. But HTML just was not for me 😀 Anyway, today i am very pleased with wordpress. I leave programming to other people now 🙂

    Good article, keep writing! 🙂

    • Hey Manny,

      Glad to see you again! Yes programming is really fun and I would like to be able to break it down at some point so you can go in and mess with the CSS of WordPress. It will blow your mind! That is a forthcoming article.

      Thank you for the response and giving me insight on future articles 🙂


  2. Hey Pat,

    Any recommendation for how to get kids to start? I started as a web developer but eventually became a Project Manager. I do miss being programming. What I missed most was the problem solving aspect of creating something from nothing. A lot of people don’t know the amount of code that can be behind one button click.

    My wife has been suggesting that we get our kids into programming early, as the logical / analytical thinking side of it may be a great benefit to them in the future.

    Thanks for this post!

    • Hey there Marco!

      That is a wonderful idea that never occurred to me. I love the fact that you want to inform your kids and I have made a note to create a post on helping with kids. I think honestly web development would be the best thing to teach children first as you only need a notepad and a few lines of code to make some pretty need things.

      Coding is insanely fun and you can spend hours digging if you are persistent enough. It is so rewarding in the end!

      Thank you for reading!


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