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Hello everyone! Today we want to inform you on some of the latest automotive technology news to go along with all the other wonderful news out there. There are a lot of new innovations coming out and technology is becoming more and more involved, beyond just a simple computer. Ever heard of an app that replaces the need for car keys? Keep reading if you want to know more!

Automotive Technology News – Overview

There is a ton of new tech coming out for vehicles and a lot of news is now geared towards automotive technology news, especially the mishaps. Features and the car driving itself seem to be the hottest accessories in the market as of now. A car that could drive itself would definitely make driving easier for everyone, but there is always a drawback. A lot of the features now are targeting convenience, like parking and map updates.

Autonomous Driving

Automatic steering and braking are now old news, make room for autonomous driving! Have you ever seen the movie, I Robot? Well, this is pretty much it minus the robots trying to kill you (so far). Basically, Tesla, Cadillac, and Nissan have decided to create this awesome ability to pretty much put your car on autopilot until you feel like driving again. The car controls all the braking, steering, and..well everything. No one enjoys driving in rush hour traffic or constantly stopping and going. The addition of steering collision avoidance and automatic braking add more safety layers.

Check out Nissan’s ProPilot or check out Tesla and watch that amazing video of a car driving itself!! It just blew my mind.

I would say yes to buying this for anyone living in a city. I mean, I HATE RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC. What if you could just sleep in the back seat or read a book. Remember that long crappy commute? Well, guess what, now it’s GONE. But wait, what about safety? I honestly wouldn’t mind going down in my sleep on a commute to work. People do a lot crazier things, like skydiving or bungee jumping. Sure, you could argue, “I don’t do it every day”. Have fun with your commute, while I catch some Z’s is all I’m saying.


Parking Ahead

Parking is a total pain in the butt. Today we have a lot more alarms and cameras to help us park because that’s the hardest task in the world. Parkmobile is this awesome app that lets you reserve parking spots from anywhere. There are also features coming out to measure gaps between parked vehicles and provide a live map update, so you can see any available parking locations near you. Parking will be a breeze when attending those dreaded big events like football games.


 Wireless Charging

Today we can’t leave the house without some sort of electronic device. Machines and technology are now just as much a part of us as the clothes on your body. You feel naked without your cell phone, correct? Well, car manufacturers know this and are now starting to include pads in vehicles that you can just lay your phone on. No more cords, outlets, just a pad. I always think of this and imagine your phone charging without touching anything but it is still wirelessly charging when on the pad.


Cars That Can See

Qualcomm is working on this neat feature called “Vehicle to Everything” technology. Basically, your car will communicate with other cars on the road and receive data from infrastructure like traffic lights or road signs upcoming. This technology also alerts you to accidents and stopped cars. This will help you to avoid the dreaded traffic when there is a wreck or some kind of maintenance going on.


Apps Replacing Keys

Ah yes, my favorite part. Apps that replace your keys! An increasing number of newer vehicles is now coming out with apps allowing you to flash your lights, honk the horn, or start the car. Volvo made the first car without keys by using an app only. Imagine being able to start or turn off your car from anywhere. Cold in the morning? Open up your app. You could lend your vehicle to someone and control everything. Say bye bye to keys.

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